Friday, March 20, 2009

4th Annual Rover Owl C Campfire 14/3


i got time 2 update =P
on tis 4th Annual Rover Owl C Campfire... is White Valentine~
2 bad.. 2 sad.. i got no present.. huhu.. T_T *jk ne lar..who will wan me?*
let the pic do all the talkin kay?

prepare ur eyes... xP..
2 many pic liao~

pre camp~ the guys r doin works.......

in the canteen.. practising sumthing which i forget wat was it..
look properly.. its melvyn.. eric.. n eng wooi

r they trying 2 perform???

hmmm.. no comment..

the gurlzs' AJK kua...

tis is the chairman of tis Campfire.. Sir Tian Hong.

setting up..

hmmm.. they r practising their dance.. well.. Ignore Boo Leong.. he was HIGH on tat nite..
The MCs on tat nite =)

setting up their banners be4 the campfire start...

Campfire start wif a smile on the sky =D rainbow~

The chairman of the 4th Annual Rover Owl C Campfire - Sir Tian Hong gving speech..

lim sek wah isit?? *watever. dunno n dun care* bt he is the one tat merasmikan the campfire..

gv away $$$ 2 ppl who need it..

lighting up the fire..

campfire officially start..

i guess.. its dance by Rovel Owl C.

no idea its from which skool..


i guess.. its free dance part.. i was bz-ing tat time..

guides from............... i dunno which skool

guess its guides from SMK Chio Min

PBSM Chio Min

no idea who r they..

tis i noe.. guides from PCGHS..


i got no idea y isit wei yi n jia ying bside there... lolx!




look~ pretty gurls singin~
here comes the fancy dress part..
which make me pek cek the most... GHHHHHHHHH...
they keep make-up slowly till i dunno run up n down from the 1st floor 2 the last floor 2 call them for lot of times...
n one thing! my friends... i'm hungry lar... n i dun wan 2 diet kay!

tis r the winner of fancy dress..

Zoe n Ong~ lolx!

pretty gurlz.. wow..

so cute of them.. enlarge the pic! u can actually c the guy was.....................

the gurlz wif yellow dress look cute.. lolx.. *i'm nt les*

*cough cough* Weng Tatt n Camille *cough cough*

hmmmm.. last one liao..


Our Performance!!!! spot the guys standing at the back???

lalala~ i noe u cant c me.. xP


the gurlz wif chicken dance! muahaha..
omg.. i love tis part man!
i miss tis free dance part! damn fun!

lol.. my skool scouts performance! omg! look at NIZA! so CUTE!!!

huh? wat dance lai?

*shou yu* Ying Xing De Chi Bang - Angela.. i wasn't there.. lolx..
the ceremony end de..
i din upload the price giving ceremony part.. sry...
well.. here the winner..
Best Overall : Chio Min Scout
1st Runner Up : Chio Min PBSM
2nd Runner Up : CLS Girl Guides
Best Attendance : Penang Chinese Girl High School (Girl Guides)
Best Supporter : SMK Tunku Ismail Scout
Best Singer : SMK Tunku Ismail Scout
Best Fancy Dress : Chio Min PBSM
Best Dance : Chio Min scout


finish ceremony.. horse shoe.. all the open troop n rover members.. *spot me??*

group pic.. look at sir yee seng.. ishhh

spot me!

the theme~

3 pretty gurlz.. Soo Bee.. MC n Hui Shin..

blur pic.. n sum nt ready..
the high pangkat ppl..
here r juz sum pic..
if u wan more..


Lovely Life said...

wow ^^ seem like im inside the photo
im senior of tunku ismail's scout ^^

Ong ching ting said...

do u got more photos about chio min scout in this camp fire??^^