Tuesday, February 17, 2009


2day morning..
we hv oral for eng...
we were requested 2 form few groups in abt 6 students..
n we hv 2 roll-play THE PRISONER OF ZENDA...

bcos my group other member dun wan malay.. so i hv to group wif the one i HATE! >.< *sum of u noe who the one.. ghhh*
damn it.. i seriously cant stand his attitude man!!
let's skip.....
our group is th 1st group to present.. *thx 2 tat sombong n unlucky fello..*
well.. my group nt reali do well.. even i also forget my script..
bt thx god.. teacher juz wan 2 see our pronousation.. n so.. all of us in my group gt A..
kisho's group make jokes during the present..
its lyk ruben is the director n other is the artist..
funny man!
when they do until half..
ruben can suddenly shout "NT YET!The Part Haven Reach" n the part mux redo..
they even can talk n ask abt wat's next during they present!
how funny! n cacat.. lolx!
bt still they gt A lar.. lolx..

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