Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Blogging is rockz~

i'm back 2 blog again after a few days.......
i'll make it ramdomly~ lalas
so far skool life was okay =].. bt h/w is getting more n more =[
class is getting noiser without teacher xS
all the teachers were okay except 4 maths teacher.. she's juz........ [[she wasted 50 min 4 1 ques bt still cant find the answer =S]]
the moon looks veri near at nitex.. it's amazing =)
ttn so far so gud :-)
went 2 choral speakin practise juz now.. i hv 2 stand at the second roll side.. LOL.. *sendiri cari pasal mia bcos dun wan stand in front roll xP*
St.John meeting was boring =[
currenly blogging, msn-ing, plurk-ing + friendster-ing.. x)
guess tat's all lar.. tata

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