Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Moral Class. The Best

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the 1st day of skool.. teachers din teach...
2nd day of skool.. yesterday.. i din enter my class.. bcos u noe y if u read my previous blog..
2day.. is the day i started my lessons =)
owh yea.. i haven tell u abt my class..
i study in 3 Cekal..
my class in at block D.. *when u come in my skool.. its on ur left*
block D is the closest block wif the hills.. so.. there is veri quiet if students din make noise.. *hopefully i wont hear lions rawr.. lolx*
bcos my class is close 2 the hills.. therefore.. the environment there is gud.. n the air is fresh 2 xD
bt.. the bad is we hv 2 walk 4 sum distances 2 reach the other blocks.. toilets n canteen >.< color="#ffff00">malay bois gang.. if nt my class will be veri veri noisy.. bt of cuz.. there are few students who lyks 2 make noises..
2day.. i was pretty suprise tat my class was quite during the teachers teaching : ).. it's gud!
i found out tat the form 3 chapters is quite fun 2! yeah~
so far.. the nicest lessons was moral.. Pn.Hanne was the teacher xPP
She's a veri nice n cute teacher.. she can mix wif the students.. share n solve our probs *sum ppl's love probs.. lolx* .. n joke wif us..
firstly.. most of us prefer En.Zaki instead of Pn.Hanne..
She asked us 2 make sum groups.. 7 ppl per group.. n there mux be different races n sex.. >.< color="#ffff33">arrange 4 us =.=
most of us wasn't hapi.. >.<.. tat wont be fun.. after tat still left half n hour.. she asked us 2 sit back our places n she suggested sumthing fun!
she will call one name n tat person hv 2 come out n let ppl question him.. LOL
sagu make 2 lot noises n jokes until teacher scolded him.. LOL! n teacher dun let him 2 ask.. xD
lots of laughter in the class xDD
anyway.. unfortunately.. i gt called >.< color="#cc33cc">stupid ques.. bt luckily Pn.Hanne Helped me..
she knew the answer last year de.. well.. i told her be4..
so i gt 2 escape.. blueks. :P
guess tat's all.. i mah gotta sleep..
owh yea.. i registered 3 St.John Amb n Permainan Dalaman 2day 4 me KK =)

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