Monday, January 19, 2009


well.. yesterday..
i went Kedah wif my family 2 visit my grandma..
its a last minutes plan bcos my mom juz knew tat my grandma hd involve in an accident on thursday..
thx god.. it juz an light accident..*lucky..*
Bicycle VS Motor.. LOLx..
hmmm.. bcos of 1 day din online.. my plurk nirvana had gone =(

*look at the pic*
2day is the day we - the students of 3A, 3B n 3C gotta inject T_T
i felt so damn nervous, cold n wanna cry be4 tat..
i even fell the chairs when helpin them 2 move the chair 2 the back.. >.<>
after recess.. abt 11.30.. its my class students' turn 2 inject =.=
damn.. i reali reali feel lyk wanna cry tat time..
i'm the 3rd gurlz who gt inject in my class..
when the nurse said tarik nafas i can feel tat its reali veri pain n my whole hand terus numb..
sum ppl will feel the pain bt sum nope..
my hand is still pain + numb now..
gotta blame the nurse..
she poke the needle is lyk poking sumthing tat nt important O.o.. pro ryt? lolx..
i heard tat sum ppl's hand will bengkak after 1 day.. n bengkak at least 3 days..
prays hardly tat my hand nth lar..

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