Tuesday, January 6, 2009


as i promise yesterday.. i gonna blog abt hiking 2day morning..
BUKIT JAMBUL is behind my skool.. tat's y my skool call SMK Bukit Jambul.. n of cuz.. there r sum ways 2 go up..
as a prefect i've 2 involve in the form one orentation..
when the meeting in dec.. i din gt chosen involve in it.. bt when 3 of jan.. they suddenly ask those who din involve in the explore race or wat hv bring the form 1 students go hiking.. n so i've 2 go up.. haiz
went up abt 8.15a.m or 8.30a.m after the assembly.. warm up..
gurlz went up 1st. after 20 mins only boi's turn.. *ladies 1st wat*
firstly.. it was okay..
felt so lucky tat i din feed the mosquitoes there.. LOL.. *i smart wat.. put mosquitoes repellent xP*
bt the weather was getting hotter n i din put sunblock!! damn..
hv 2 blame jodene.. bcos she was the one who said no need 2 put sunblock bcos she went up be4 n its okay.. GHH
when we were almost reach the top of the hills.. suddenly gt a gurlz fainted.. omg.. stopped there 4 couples of minutes..
n tis time.. the bois catched up de..
they were at down there.. behind the gurlz.. booo-ing the front.. so noizy ler..
we continue our journey 2 top of the hills after setle tat fainted gurlz..
it took us 1 n half hour 2 reach the top..
heard tat there were 2 gurlz fainted..
rest 4 a while then went down again.. followed by the guys..
when the half way down.. i felt so regret tat y i came up wif them...
the ways were scary.. i reali reali need a hand 2 hold me..
i almost fall down twice.. n once i knocked y butt.. ish! n i gt blue-black on my legs also.. haiz
the way up was okay bt go down.. omg..
n owh yea..
there was a huge spider on the spider web hangging at one banana trees n it was in the middle of the road..
OMG! scary ler... T_T
after tat.. rest 4 a while.. then eat.. the gossip then jalan jalan..
wat a day..
i din go back class at all.. LOL

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