Tuesday, December 16, 2008


p/s:wont blog abt my NIKE shoes so fast bcos my comp cacat.. cant connect all the USB =S..

Oh hi ppl!
yea ryt..
i'm back 2 blog =)..
same topik again.. abt QB outing 2 day.. XS
yea.. i noe.. same topik is boring.. bt 4 the new visitor.. of cuz no.. hahahax.. n i've no topik 2 talk abt de.. i noe i'm crapping =.=
Let's start wif today morning =)
F.Y.I.. 2day morning hv 2 go skool 4 prefect meeting *die lar.. everyday i wake up at 1 or 2p.m.. so torturing le.. suddenly hv 2 wake up at 7 sumthing.. suffer*
was so bored n blur there as u noe i'm always a blur gurlz ^^...
zoe din keep her PROMISE!!!! she din came..>.<
planned 2 ask sumone 2 fetch me back if nt i walk back home *kesian me le.. no transport T_T*
ask a gurlz n she said she'll be goin 2 QB wif her boi... Melyvn n Sara =)
sry.. i cant tell who is the gurlz n her boi.. bcos nt lot of ppl noe abt tat yt.. even me as her godsis also knew it 2day abt them =(.. so i will use "SHE" n "HE"
so.. asked my mom's permission de then went 2 my house n choose shirt 4 "her" n off 2 QB...
reach there.. bought tickets.. meet wif "him" then go 4 lunch at mcd.. *owh gosh.. 4get 2 pay him back.. duh! blur me >.<*
abt 2 sumthing.. Melyvn went back de..
was walkin there n "him" still haven hold "her" hand!!! duh! doink lar..
then.. i told Sara tat "she" hope "him" 2 hold "her" hand..
n we were lyk tryin 2 find chance 2 tell "him".. xDD.. *i noe i noe.. bad me =) bt "she" did gv hint 2 me tat she hope =)*
"he" was lyk keep on askin us HOW??? yea.. i noe.. swt..
after a while.. went we turn back~ wow~ finally!! yea.. u noe wat happened..
bt most funny was their hands were between sumthing.. hahahahax.. i noe they tryin 2 cover it bt FAILED!! xD TOTALLY FAILED! ahahax..
"he" mux thx us tat we torture him =)
after a while.. we lost de.. they go 'pah toh' n we go 4 walk...
we gossip alot =)..
then abt time.. went up 2 cinema 4 TWILIGHT!
wee! twilight! i noe i ady out-dated ler.. come out so long de onli watch..
actually my purpose 2 go is 4 TWILIGHT! *sry Nyee.. i din keep my promise 2 watch twilight wif u n gang.. bcos i heard tat twilight last day show is on wed so cant wait de.. scare ltr i miss it.. i miss lot of movie de.. Seriously sry...*
n when we were walkin juz now.. i met XUAN n MELISSA!!! of cuz.. i asked them 2 buy da tickets bside us.. *joannie dun gt jealous yea..*
they were wif dennis n aaron.. hmm.. i gt 2 noe 2 new friends =)
tis was AWESOME!! So sweet!
How i wish tat i can be Vampires so i can fly n speed......
How i wish tat i can hv such protective bf!!
n 4 me.. Edward Cullen actually okay onli lar.. i prefer Belle! she's juz so pretty =)
back 2 da topik...
"him" n "her" were sweet 2 in da cinema..
"she" leant on "him" .. n "he" hug "her" .. awwww.. so sweet... *me n sara actaully wonder how both of them dun move in all da times in cinema.. everytimes we look at them n they will be stay at da same post =.=*
i jealous wif tat ler...
i juz hope tat everything i saw in da movie n "him" or "her" will happen on me ler... wif my LURVE one~ lalas
dream dream dream..
well.. its juz a dream..
after movie.. was playing wif xuan n melissa them in da cinema 4 a while.. bt when i turn 2 find sara them.. they ady lost.. >.<
so.. i juz join xuan n melissa them all da way till back.. bt juz 4 a short while bcos mom coming.......
here came another SWEET one... *haven couple.. bt gonna couple soon.. hahahas.. jkjk*
"he" actually looks lyk sum kind of gud gud boi...
n so... when we perli them...
"he" will BLUSH!!!!
"he" did ask "hers" permission 2 hold hand in da cinema wif da reason of HE's COLD!!!
wow.. sweet ryt?? make me JEALOUS again >.<
Wat a day tat make me JEALOUS! ghhhh!
JOANNIE! as usual.. me xuan n melissa les 2gether! hahahhax.. u noe wat we usually do lar! dun jealous yea =)
i guess tat's all..

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