Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

29th of Dec..
i went out wif camille..
meet up wif zoe n daniel after bought the ticket..
we watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua =)

its an Awesome movie.. the Chihuahuas were so CUTE!!
hmm.. i tot Chloe is the main character instead of Papi??? y in the poster Papi is the main wan??

their life is much more better than human's wan..

after movie.. zoe n daniel off 2 BBQ de.. left me n camille..
so walk around n then went 2 beach..
n yea we vain..

feel so proud tat can take pic wif a Pretty gurlz!

The Cams.. LOL. Camille n Camy

i looks so weird..

i dunno y i will post lyk a lansi >.<
vain 4 a while then i've 2 go back de.. bcos of trasport prob..
i've 2 sit Rapid wif my bro >.<
LOL. feels so scary inside... bt lucily gt bro.. LOL

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