Friday, August 8, 2008

oLaMpIc bEiJiNg~

aBt 10MiNuTeS tOgO TiLl 8.08p.m dE...
CaNt wAiT 2 sEe Da OpEn CeReMoNy oF oLaMpIc LeR~
gUeSs iT WiLl gT aWeSoMe LeR~
F.Y.I... TiS yEaR oLaMpIc Is iN bEiJiNg, cHiNa LeR~
n It WiLl sTaRt 2dAy... iT iS 2008yEaR.08MoNtH.08DaY 8o'cLoCk.08MiNuTeS.8SeCoNd LeR...
cOoL rYt~
8 aLl~
oWh yA~
Da MoSt iMpOrTaNt ThInG iS... Da 5 "Fu wA" iTs So dAmN CuTe LeR!!!
i'm FiNdIn 4 a KeY-cHaIn tAt iN 1 KeY-cHaIn gT 5 "Fu wA" tOgEtHeR wAn LeR...
bCoS iF 1 kEy-cHaIn 1 "fU wA" VeRi eXpEnSiVe...
n TiLl nOw i sTiLl cAn FiNd yEt~
aNyOnE cAn HeLp mE???
LeT mE ShOw u Da PiC LeR...

CuTe rYt??
oF CuZ~
HeK hEk~

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