Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Left Turn.

I have been quite emotional for the past few days after my roommate went back to Penang last Wednesday. It been quite some time since I last wrote a emotional post. I usually annoy my housemates with silly stuffs whenever I don't l alright. To be frank, I prefer and used to stay in a noisy environment than a completely silent house. 

"When things don't go right, go left" 

Things have not been going right ever since I came to Sg Long. When one problem hasn't solve, another one popped out. Problems just came one after another. The worst part is that I have to solve them all by myself. Are they trying to test my patience level? 

Daddy wants me to learn to be independent, thus, he try not to get involve. Threw most of the matters here for me to settle and kept reminding me that I have to face them all in the future too. He usually only guides me on the ways to solve the problems, and his help is the last choice among those ways. Only to back me up when I was totally helpless. Still, I really appreciate that he has been phoning me countless times to teach guide and teach me patiently all the time.

What annoys me most is that I have been facing a super troublesome, ridiculous, unreasonable lady all this while. I still don't want to disclose this particular huge matter as it is not solved yet. I will blog about the details and the lesson learned once it is solved. I can't wait to meet her soon and settle it as fast as possible. It has been bothering me since the starting of this semester. :( 

To be out of the comfort zone, face every difficulties all by myself, sometimes I really wonder why did I choose to come to this scary, complicated city in the first place. I really miss Penang. :(

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask Giveaway!

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Have you heard of KOSÉ, especially their KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask?
Let me tell you...

"KOSÉ was established in Japan in 1946, when cosmetics were considered luxuries with goods still in short supply. At a time when even products with inferior quality will sell, Mr. Kozaburo Kobayashi, our company’s founder, instilled the standard that continues to this day of insisting on high-quality products for our customers. This number of customers grew as a result. The history of KOSÉ has been one of diligent research into product quality.  


KOSE Sekkisei Lotion is known as the best whitening product. It creates fine-textured, hydrated skin like snow white with the hydrating power of gentle oriental plant extracts.

The Oriental plant extracts include :
#1 Coix Seed Extract - which has effects such as increased metabolism, whitening, moisturizing and prevention of skin roughness.

#2 Melothria (White Lotus) extract - helps to suppress melanin production has whitening effects on the skin.

#3 Angelica Extract - contains disinfectant, whitening and moisturizing effects

KOSE Sekkisei Lotion helps to balance out the skin’s moisture levels, preventing dullness, roughness, and pimples caused by dryness, as well as redness caused by sunburn from sunlight, or by the sun’s reflection in snowy areas. 

The lotion not only can be used on your face but neck, body or as a mask too! The cloudy white lotion blends instantly into the skin, just like melting snow, creating fine-textured, plump skin. With a refreshing, light sensation, the lotion leaves the surface of the skin feeling silky smooth, yet hydrated. Your skin regains its natural pure translucency down to your pores. 

The Benifits of the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask : 
  1. Translucency
  2. Penetration
  3. Moisturizing
  4. Tighten Pores
  5. Whitening
  6. Evenness
  7. Elasticity
  8. Firmness
  9. Relaxing

I was given some packet masks to try out courtesy to Nuffnang!

For those that purchase the KOSE Sekkisei lotion, you can use it with Bihadagoyomi Lotion Mask(pill sized mask that can be found in Daiso) to achieve "Snow White Skin" by following these easy steps :
1) Pour SEKKISEI Lotion into cap until it reaches the line.
2) Put the mask into the cap.
3) Allow mask to absorb lotion till it puffs up.
4) Unfold the mask and place onto clean face for 5-10mins.
5) Remove Mas, tap the excess into the skin until it is absorbed, no rinsing is necessary.
6) Voila! Skin is now fair, radiant and translucent like SNOW.

I have been swimming and sleeping late to prepare my assignments, tests and presentation lately. My skin turned dull, eyes looked tired and sleep and dark eyes circle got worst.

Make sure to remove your cosmetics with make up remover, then cleanse your face with cleanser. Unfold the mask, apply it and just relax yourself for 10minutes.

After 10 minutes, Tadahhhh!

Although you may not tell the different from the photos, but my dull skin has seriously improved as promised by the lotion to give an instant effects! My skin turned fairer, brighter and moisturized, even my friends said so! I can't stop myself from touching my face as my skin became tighter and smoother. 10 minutes is just right for the application. However, when I first applied the mask, the alcohol scent was quite strong that I nearly sneeze.

Price of the products:
SEKKISEI Lotion 200ml- RM170
SEKKISEI Lotion 360ml –RM260
It is available in every KOSE counters.

For more information, check out,

KOSE is searching for SEKKISEI Cinderella! Check out their Cinderella Contest at here!

It's time for GIVEAWAY !!!
I am giving away 24 pocket masks to 24 of my readers! Just find the answer in my blogpost for the two questions below. Leave your answers along with your name and email address in my blog's comment. Isn't it simple and easy? :D

1. What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask?
2. Name one of the benefits of the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask. (Any 1 out of the 9 benefits)

The first 24 readers that answer these 2 questions correctly will be selected as the winners! Winners will have to collect the mask from Nuffnang’s office. *You are allowed to send a representative to collect from the office too!

Winners name will be updated here. Email will be sent to those winner once there are 24 winners! :)
1. Tan Xiao Fei                                        2. Chan Ching Mun
3. Yong Poh Lin                                       4. Ng Chiew Ling
5. Charmaine Pua                                     6. Carinn Tan
7. Quah Qiu Yu                                        8.Yap Ying Hui
9. Tan Hui Xin(Alice Tan)                        10. name Sherry
11. YvetteFoo                                        12. Elana
13. Lee Hong                                         14. Carmun Sing
15. Leena Yeen

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Year Eve Party 2013!

#1 New Year Eve Party 2013 with my high schoolmates!

Another super duper postponed post :O. Spent the last day of my 2013 and first day of 2014 with those crazy peeps. It was an extremely fun night especially when everyone got high during midnight. We planned for a sleepover party before everyone get back to different places for studies and cause it was too late for us to plan for a trip in 2014. Genting trip with them back in 2013.

Let the pictures do the talking :D *captions wasn't what exactly happened that night
#2 Featuring Chee Yang! Say Hi to him!!!
He has been complaining that his face doesn't appear in my blog for a long time and even asked to my create a blogpost specially to promote him. I believe that I do not need to promote him now anymore. Chee Yang,  happy dy??? Your instagram is way too sweet, too much ants on my phone dy, so featuring you in this blogpost is already more than enough. :P 

#3 At gurney drive, after tea time, movie and dinner.

#4 trying to squeeze 5 heads in with my short hand. Find a spot to be in the photo yourself easier lar..

#5 too early for fireworks, so off we go to the silent paragon mall.

#6 failed act cool post with Merv!

#7 to complete whose face is fatter with my snow white :P

#8 pretty Chee Yang :D

#9 group pic before we off to party outside the paragon mall! It's just like a open air club for us to get high!!

#10 they always say that I am Blur Queen, finally I know whyy.....

#11 plainly cause I wanna prove that I am not a Blur Queen by showing how big my eyes can be. hehhhhh :P

#12 Merv and WT trying to act cute here, I think I got high even before drinking dy :O

#13 half face, pretty white face, fat face.

#14 Chee Yang wondering what's wrong with these two girls and their fat face post. :P

#15 okay lar, let you rest a while with this photo with pretty faces :D *perasan*

#16 opps, show off our white teeth with ugly face

#17 promoting for Colgate, who wanna find them as ambassador?

#18 last pic there before fireworks and balik rumah!

#19 Pak and Adrian! Joined us later for midnight party.. :D

#20 Hilary too!!!!

#21 I look like a red tomato! round round round!

#22 forever with her epic post.

#23 why no me??

#24 Adrian winking at you, yes you!

#25 Look like Sadako right?

#26 gave up to be Sadako cause too tired de..

#27 ...........................................................................

#28 Conclusion : hypothesis is accepted. WT's face is too big that he successfully covered us.

#29 another Chee Yang's pretty face.

#30 group photo! Hilary the photographer. Chee Yang why you sleep when people taking group photo?!

sorry if I make you feel annoyed with ugly photos.
now only I realise, too many of my fat face post

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Friday, March 28, 2014

My Belated Birthday Lunch @ TAO!

If you are my all-time-reader I think you probably got bored of reading this, but I must repeat I am really very grateful to have awesome friends around me! 

Although I don't have a boyf, but I am really thankful that God has been treating me well by sending me lots of trustable, helpful, lovely friends. They are here with me not only to gossip or crap with me, but I know that most of them will definitely be there for me to cheer me up when I'm down, help me out when I need, teach me to be smarter when I face difficulty. 

Sometimes you might think that I have many friends with different gang, which are actually the closest or who are the most trustable friend? To be frank, I do have many friends with different gang. Some of them include my family even claims that I am too busy hanging out with friends each time I am back in Penang cause I have too many different gangs. However, I don't rank them, they are all my close friends, I really do treasure each and every of them. Forever always try my best to make my time to meet them if I am free. I them all!

my high school buddy. Babi and Snow White.

Back in December, they insisted to surprise me even my birthday already over for more than 3 months. They had decided to bring me to Tao for lunch buffet. They know me too well, knowing that I yummy food, I am a big eater, never try Tao before and used to keep annoy my snow white to bring me there. They bought me a dress last year but I didn't wear it before till now *opps*. So, bring me to Tao for buffet is definitely a smart choice *thumbs up (y)*

Sadly, the smart me actually spoiled their surprise :/. They forced me to wear dress and told me that I will surely regret if I have a little mommy's cook before I go cause I was negotiating with them that I need to have a little mommy's cook before I go out for lunch or else my mom will kill me. Imma ended up success to guess that they gonna bring me to Tao for my birthday lunch. 

bear with it, the photo was taken after the lunch. oh Fat Fat Fat!

my Snow White

She knows me very very very well. She not only taught me a lot on academic but also general knowledge and life lessons like how to handle things when got into trouble. I really salute how her brain can twist so fast whenever she meets problems. Besides that, I learned to be more alert to my surrounding, got my "stare-back" skill and ability to observe around more*except that when I am blur lar* from her.

Still remember that back in high school, I used to tell her that "I am hungry" almost all the time in class. She ended up prepare extra bread or biscuit for me :D. She was so used to me saying "I am Hungry" till there was once, I didn't annoy her that I was hungry cause I was busy concentrating to complete my homework. She then turned to me and ask "Camy, are you okay today? It's already 9am, why you haven't tell that you are hungry?" *note that my mom used to prepare rice or porridge or oat for me in the morning, those food that I can really feel full, but I still hungry easily*

Babi!!! :D

First time see her in dress besides pinafore, specially for my birthday lunch and to make me wear dress too!!! Awwwwww . Only get close to her during Form 5. The forever kind person but always kind in a wrong way, tsk tskk. Miss the time that I can always kacao and annoy her in class. *Oh babi, i know you will read this, so dont wanna elaborate much about you, or else you syok sendiri :P*

hug hugg although I look like strangling her. :/

enough of those very ada feel time, it's time for photos of food! :D
Tao @ Penang Times Square!

we had too much that I forgot all their names. 
They warned me not to order anything with Rice before I start ordering so I can eat more.
Never underestimate us! We had much more than what you see on the photo above!

Let me start showing off the foods! :P

Took our time to eat slowly and enjoy the food from 1pm to 4pm.
Sorry if I make you feel hungry :P.

Snow White drove us around!

Drop the Babi cause she has curfew.
Snow White and I then went to QueensBay Mall to burn a little calories by walking around aimlessly in the mall :/. Hui Lau Shan as dinner cause we were still full.
current prof pic. :P

That overexcited face... Oh My towards Mango!

Faster Let Me Eat!!!!!!

Mango Mango Mango Mango Mango and Mango :P

my cute snow white :D

Must post this even it's super duper belated post
cause the Japanese foods look too good and I miss it! D: