Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Catching Sunrise at Penang Hill!

Jump for joy!

The last time I went to Penang Hill was back in 2011 during the holiday after SPM with secondary schoolmates to have a look plainly due to some of my friends as a Penangites never been to Penang Hill. We only stay there for an hour or two cause still nothing much over there and renovation went on at most of the parts.

I kept seeing Mel and Xuan posted on Instagram nice photos they took at Penang Hill this few months, either sunrise or at night view. So after months of annoying them, finally Xuan brought me to view and take photos of the sunrise up there!

In order to make it for sunrise, we reached there around 6am to take the first train up at 6.30am. Don't miss the first train up or you will miss the beautiful sunrise. 

Once we reached the top, quickly find a spot and start setting up our camera and tripod to snap! *Don't forget to bring your tripod along for long shutter if you have one, cause it's really useful! You will know why later for another reason too!:P* It's part of the Pearl of the Orient before the sky starts to turn bright and the sunrise! Can you spot the Penang Bridge? :D

#1 Cotton Candy Sky

#2 Orangey Sky

#3 the egg yolk starts to come out!

#4 It's getting higher, higher, higher off the ground!

#5 the sun goes up, the stars come down~

#6 Like a Spotlight

and I wonder if I ever crossed your mind?
It's time to make used of your tripod and self-timer!

Failed jumpshot of us! Its the best that I can find :/

and Hola to my potato!

Noobie in action! photo credits to my potato!

clear blue sky early in the morning!

moved on to the next spot and photoshoot with spider! Hi huge spider!

yours truly and Potato!

a very ada feel photo of me taken by my potato! #patternbanyak

Where are you when I need you most? There is always a empty space beside me. *emo*

Another place to shoot for my profile picture on facebook!

pretty potato! imissher :(

and a cute candid shot! :D

selfie! :D

Another spot for good photos later on! For couples to place their love locks. Since we are single, so we only snap photos la. #foreveralone

my potato sho pretty

wore a hoodies cause I was afraid that it will be cold up there but I was wrong! It was so hot after the sun comes out!

candid shot of me viewing the photo I took previously! a real candid kayyy, not pattern :P

facepalm for you!

Walked a little bit more and found another spot for great photos!

retarded face

skinny, petite potato

this friendship photos of us!

potato looking excited!

and I end this post with the photo of our breakfast that day! Egg Benedicts and Soya Beens at Roti Bean Cafe, Chulia Street!

It's been so long since I wake up before sunrise. Woke up at 5am just to see the egg yolk and take lots of nice photos, definitely worth it. :)
Don't forget to estimate your time you gonna be up there and put some parking coupons. We got saman cause we completely forgot about the parking coupons and never expect to stay that late up there!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Day at Bangsar Village

Holaaaa! How are you pretties and handsomes? Do you miss me? Admit it, I know you do :P. Okay la, show you my big face in case you forget me :O. 

For ages I never really update about my life dy. Imma very lazy and totally not productive for months, especially this semester. Seriously, the previous semester was the most hectic semester I have been through so far. 6 major subjects in a semester is really very busy and tiring. Endless of assignments and tests during the mid-semester. 6 papers for final in two weeks was really killing me. For nearly a month, my time was completely upside-down. Luckily I managed to join my childhood friends for a 4days 3nights trip to Kuching before final which energized and kept me alive till today. Took a lot of awesome and beautiful, satisfying photos during the trip *at least to me, tho everyone has different perspective of photography*. Be patient dear, I will try to blog about it after clearing off my out-dated post. Some of the photos I took already posted on my instagram, check out at @camylau. :)

Oh yea! Hello to my a month sem break! *although left 3 weeks only*

Had a date with my darling, Melissa at Bangsar Village 32493874months ago. I always wanted to blog about this but I got distracted to do something else too easily. So here you go...

Disclaimer : Lots of pattern and vain photos! You may close now if you dislike.
got feel lehhh. *hello mel, wave wave*
at Plan B for our brunch!

Scoping handsome guy before we start eating! *just kidding :P*

*cough cough* I got no idea why I was looking at my food. Maybe cause I was craving for it badly? or I was too hungry? Aiya, as conclusion, pattern banyak.

oh my yummy Carbonara!

Head on to Coffea Coffee after our brunch.
Actually Mel was supposed to study for her final, I followed to buat kacao.

Mel the coffee addict's Caramel Latte

a got feel photo of me :P *perasan

then a potato surprised us!

She dropped by for 15minutes before she went back to Penang!

took more than a hundred photos with her i5s in just 15minutes :P never give a girl your phone if she is in a vain mood, your photo album will be boomed!

*wait wait, i wasnt' ready with cute post yet*

 Imma ready now!

Played with her fisheye lens!

oh muacks muacks.

Weee. Hugs from both of them!


and kiss kiss! oh Mel look like wanna punch someone.

Finally a proper one. 

back to go crazy again!

Look at Mel! I think she really x syok someone that day! 

Xuan was caught vaining alone behind!

#1 Frog faces

#2 shocked faces

#3 weird faces

The kind waiter helped us took this! The desk proved that Mel really studied kay.

The smart Camy actually left my notes with Mel which I got final after 2 or 3 weeks too and only realised it was I was in the Rapid on the way back to Sg Long. :/
It's been quite some times since three of us get to hang out together. Imissthem D:

p/s : Late post better than none kay? Dont scold me when you both read this :P

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